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Edmonds Garage Doors | Some Items That You Should NEVER Store in Your Garage

If you think that your garage is the best place where you can store just about anything that you are not using or are about to use, then you are definitely wrong. There are particular items that you should not be storing in your garage mainly because of the safety hazards as some things can be rather risky not only for the area but also for your family. Some of these items are as follows:

• Propane Tanks
Since propane is used for grilling, storing it outside the garage is an essential thing that you should learn. There are times when the valve on tanks would not be closed properly and may cause leaking. This may lead to explosion or fire especially when you store it in an enclosed space like the garage. It should be placed in a backyard shed where leaks will not be enclosed.
• Linens and Clothes
If you do not want rodents and other burrowing animals to find your garage as a nice place to stay during winter season, then avoid storing lines and clothing in the garage area. It is best that you put in plastic containers and store it in a place inside your home. This is also the same with old paper products. Discard these items immediately to prevent pests from coming in your garage.
• Fresh Foods
Root crops, bird see, dog food and other food packed in boxes should not be stored in the garage since it also invites other animals and pests to stay in your garage and even consume these items at once.
• Items that are Temperature-sensitive
Never store these items in your garage since the temperature in your garage is unpredictable. It is advisable that you just store these items inside your home and prevent any expensive loss in the future.

Now that you know the items that are a big no-no in your garage, make sure that you keep these in mind to prevent any problems in the future.

Edmonds Garage Doors | How To Choose A Garage Door Repair Service

You are headed out to work; you pull the car out of the garage, and press the remote to shut the garage door. Nothing. You try the button again…still nothing. Then you get out of your car, go to the pad in the garage and try that…nothing again and again.

Oh my goodness….the garage door is stuck and so are you! How can you leave your garage door open to the world, when you are at work, an hour away?

I think this is a good time to call a repair service, but which one? You never have had the need for a specialized garage repair service. Oh sure, you have seen some trucks driving around town, but you never wrote down any phone numbers.

Here are some tips to hiring the right folks. First of all, for an emergency….like this example, you want to locate a service that can come over right now!  You must leave quickly as possible, after all…

Next, you need to ask a few questions:

Are you licensed for this area?

Are you insured for liability, damage, and workers compensation? This is extremely important. A non-insured injury can bankrupt you. Trying to save a few dollars is certainly not worth the trouble it can cause you later.

You should ask about references, prior work, etc., to prove to yourself that this is an experienced firm.

Ask about pricing, too. That will likely be a big factor for you. It is for most people. But do remember that the lowest price may carry the highest cost.

Edmonds Garage Doors | What Are Commercial Garage Doors?

Commercial garage doors are heavy-duty, often insulated garage doors that can be installed in a number of sizes and styles. These high-performance, safety-inspected industrial doors provide the extra durability, serviceability, and design flexibility to meet the many needs of commercial enterprises.
When commercial organizations such as machinist shops, automobile repair garages, car rental companies, or delivery businesses invest in garage doors for commercial and industrial applications, they want something that can withstand the elements as well as daily operation in tough industrial environments, and protect their property and equipment from damage or theft for years to come. Tough commercial garage doors, professionally installed and maintained, offer such security as well as years of hassle-free functioning.
Commercial garage doors come in a wide range of sizes and styles – for both internal and external applications in many different industries. Some are insulated for thermal efficiency, for businesses needing excellent climate control. Others have special fire ratings or bottom-edge seals for safety, reduced air infiltration, and security. Some different types of commercial garage doors for these different applications include:
• Rolling-steel
• Industrial overhead
• Sectional steel
• Sectional aluminum
• Insulated sandwich doors
• Pedestrian doors
• Pan-constructed models
Commercial garage doors may be used in such places as manufacturing sites, storage spaces, warehouses, cold storage facilities, airplane hangars, police and fire stations, military installations, marinas, machine shops, and auto repair garages – and different materials and features are important in each commercial setting. If you are considering the purchase of garage doors for your commercial property, it is essential to speak with a knowledgeable commercial garage door company to identify the right solution for your specific business environment.

Edmonds Garage Doors | Do I Really Need a Garage Door?

Yes, you do.

In this cash-strapped economy, many homeowners have been asking the same question: Do I really need a garage door?

The right answer is yes, you definitely need a garage door if you have a garage.

If you don’t presently have a garage, then you can probably get by without a garage door.

Everyone else, please pay attention: Garage doors are crucial. You need a sturdy garage door to protect your car from the elements, and to keep the cold weather out. The garage door also prevents passersby from seeing that dusty mess inside your garage (shame on you!)

Best of all, a garage door provides that sonic “fourth wall” baffle that garage bands need for a truly American Rock Star sound.

If your garage is missing a door, let’s face it; it’s not really a garage. It’s just an unfinished hut…. or worse, a carport.

A handsome garage door is not just the finishing touch on your garage, it’s the finishing touch on your home and your property.

If you want to cut corners in tough economic times, try cutting back on interior doors, like bedrooms and bathrooms. But don’t leave your garage exposed to thieves and to the elements. Invest in a full-size garage door and live life to the fullest!

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